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Our original cellular shades, specifically engineered to provide beauty are also energy efficient in both cold and warm climates. Their honeycomb construction, in the form of tiny unique hexagonal cells, traps air in distinct pockets which creates insulation that can help lower your energy consumption. With these natural shades adorning your windows, they are sure to make your room more comfortable year round, plus, they also absorb sound! These shades are functional in controlling unwanted sound while allowing natural light to flow through.

Enning Blinds carries a wide selection of fabrics, colours and cell sizes to make honeycomb cellular shades a perfect choice for your home or office setting.



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Honeycomb Shades - Calgary - Cellular Shades
Fully Custom and Made to Measure Honeycomb Cellular Shades
Enning Blinds
5-Year Limited or "No Questions Asked" Replacement Warranty Coverage Plans
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Here are some benefits of using honeycomb or cellular blinds:

Sound Reduction from Street Level

The honeycomb’s unique hexagonal shape gives this window treatment sound absorption properties - useful in reducing the amount of noise that enters a room. This makes the cellular shades an ideal choice for bedrooms, home offices or even theatre rooms, giving a more peaceful surrounding within the room and its surroundings.

Energy Efficient and Reduced Energy Bills

Due to the honeycomb shade’s superior R-value (the value of a material’s insulation/thermal resistance), this type of window treatment keeps rooms cooler during hot summers and warmer during cold winters. Cellular shades provide a more comfortable environment and reduced energy bills due to less reliance on heaters or A/C.

Reduction of Light and Heat from Skylights

A skylight allows rooms to be lit by natural sunlight from the rooftop, however, the direct sun rays also heat up the room very quickly which can cause extreme pressure on your air conditioning system during the summer. Due to this, cellular blinds are another popular choice for skylights. Using a cellular skylight shade greatly reduces the light and heat entering any room. Since skylight window treatments are out of reach, we usually suggest motorized cellular blinds as the best option.

Promotes a More Comfortable Sleep

Honeycomb shades remain a popular consumer choice due to their room darkening properties. In a bedroom type setting, they provide the perfect ambiance for comfortable sleep, especially during the daytime where this an abundance of natural light outside. Enning Blinds offers additional blackout channels that can augment the room darkening capabilities of cellular window shades, which gives more control on how much light you would like filtered.

Cellular Blinds - Calgary - Honeycomb Blinds
Fully Custom and Made to Measure Honeycomb Window Treatments
Enning Blinds
5-Year Limited or "No Questions Asked" Replacement Warranty Coverage Plans
Visit Our Calgary Showroom: Unit 9, 2115 30 Ave NE

Frequently Asked Questions

What options do you have for honeycomb/cellular shades?

When choosing a cellular or honeycomb blind/shade - the biggest option would be the construction style, as they are manufactured in single cell, double cell, or triple cell styles. A triple cell honeycomb shade has the greatest R-value, and thus, is the most energy efficient by providing the best insulation possible. However, the triple cell is also the costliest window treatment of the three options.

Enning Blinds also offers either a top-down/bottom-up option for our honeycomb/cellular shades, which are excellent in maintaining outdoor visibility and indoor privacy.

The last available option would be the addition of select blackout or light-filtering fabrics, depending on the goals of your room. Light filtering fabrics would be best for living, family and dining rooms to allow for a beautiful, bright, natural ambiance. Blackout fabrics are best suited in bedroom type settings, or any room that requires more room darkening from natural light.

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Do you manufacture the honeycomb/cellular shades?

Yes! At Enning Blinds, all of our window treatment solutions are fully custom and made to measure as we manufacture the blinds/shades in-house right here in Calgary. We offer a wide variety of cellular shades with numerous colour and style options, along with custom add-ons to meet your requirements and specifications for your home or office setting. Our experienced technicians can also offer professional installation services right in your home once we find and create the perfect window blinds for you.

What does your warranty cover?

All of our blinds go through several levels of quality control before it is delivered to our retail store. With that being said, we understand that accidents do happen. At Enning Blinds, we offer both a 5-year limited warranty (covering original/manufacturer defects) and a 5-year "No Questions Asked" replacement warranty plan. For more details please visit our warranty page.

Do you have a sample of the honeycomb/cellular blinds we can see?

Yes we do! We have a large selection of blinds at our storefront including a variety of honeycomb/cellular shades in various styles, patterns and material. We would also love to provide a demonstration of how the blinds work and function and the benefits they provide in your home or office setting. Our store is located at Unit 9, 2115 30 Ave NW Calgary near Sunridge. We are appointment only from Monday - Thursday, but walk-in’s are welcome Fridays (1:00PM - 6:00PM) and weekends (9:00AM - 6:00PM).




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