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Zebra blinds (also known as dual shade blinds) are some of the most popular window covering solutions that add an unmatched elegance to any type of room whether it be home or office. By seamlessly combining style and function together, zebra blinds give the beauty of fabric shades along with the light control capabilities of horizontal blinds. With a simple panel adjustment, users can achieve either the soft translucence of a sheer curtain, or the soft beauty of a fabric shade. We at Enning Blinds are proud to offer customized zebra blinds for residents in Calgary, and can suit your window treatment needs from size, style and overall theme.


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Zebra Blinds - Calgary - Zebra Sheer Shades
Fully Custom and Made to Measure Zebra Window Blinds
Enning Blinds
5-Year Limited or "No Questions Asked" Replacement Warranty Coverage Plans
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Modern Features of Zebra Blinds

Stylishly Modern

Combining contemporary design and stylish looks of modern zebra blinds makes this type of window treatment highly preferred and popular with homeowners and interior designers. Enning Blinds has a diverse selection of modern and sleek zebra blind designs that elegantly boosts any room’s aesthetic appeal.

Light Filtering Technology

Previously, blinds were made to exclusively block incoming light into the room, but with the innovations in blind technology, zebra blinds can choose the right amount of natural light to let in. Our specialty crafted fabrics diffuse harsh sunlight into beautiful ambient and soft light. Adjustable sheers allow you to customize your view through the vanes to the outside, maximizing privacy or allowing sunlight to peer through.

Tough Durability

Zebra blinds are more durable and long-lasting compared to conventional blinds as they are specially treated to resist stains and dust build-up. The layered shades of fabric stripes and woven bands protect your valuables and furniture for the harmful effects of UV rays. Given all these benefits of zebra blinds, they are also affordable, practical and designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Excellent Insulation

One of the best features of the zebra blinds is its incredible functionality - one of them being excellent insulation capabilities. The innovative design of zebra blinds prevents air from escaping and repels cold and heat during seasonal changes, which saves money on energy consumption and costs. Zebra blinds help you achieve a comfortable ambience and simultaneously reduces your carbon footprint by minimizing HVAC system usage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install the Zebra Blinds for us?

Absolutely! At Enning Blinds we offer professional installation on all of our window products to ensure everything is done perfectly from start to finish. Our technicians undergo extensive training and are very particular about how your window coverings will look and function in your home. The installation itself typically takes a few hours depending on how many windows you would like treated.

How do I clean the Zebra Blinds?

zebra blinds calgary - bathroom installation

Most shades and blinds are easy to clean and have very low maintenance requirements. A few simple cleaning methods that work wonderfully include: wiping with a damp microfibre cloth and dried lightly, using a feather duster or using a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner. If your blinds/shades are using fabric of vinyl material, a rubber sponge is optimal for removing dust. Spots and stains can be treated with an all-purpose cleaner and gentle wiping. It is also important to not use materials that are too harsh or abrasive as they may scratch and damage the appearance of your blinds. When you receive your custom shades from Enning Blinds, it will be supplied with specific instructions for its care and maintenance so you can enjoy a lifetime of service from your window treatments.

What does your Zebra blind warranty cover?

All of our blinds go through several levels of quality control before it is delivered to our retail store. With that being said, we understand that accidents do happen. At Enning Blinds, we offer both a 5-year standard warranty (covering original/manufacturer defects) and a 5-year "No Questions Asked" replacement warranty plan. For more details please visit our warranty page.

Do you have samples of the Zebra blinds we could see?

Yes we do! We have a large selection of blinds at our storefront including a variety of zebra blinds in various styles, patterns and material. We would also love to provide a demonstration of how the blinds work and function and the benefits they provide in your home or office setting. Our store is located at Unit 9, 2115 30 Ave NW Calgary near Sunridge. We are appointment only from Monday - Thursday, but walk-in’s are welcome Fridays (1:00PM - 6:00PM) and weekends (9:00AM - 6:00PM).

Zebra Blinds - Calgary - Dual Shade Window Blinds
Fully Custom and Made to Measure Zebra Window Blinds
Enning Blinds
5-Year Limited or "No Questions Asked" Replacement Warranty Coverage Plans
Visit Our Calgary Showroom: Unit 9, 2115 30 Ave NE




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